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This month the Ramirez Family took time to celebrate Abraham’s Baptismal Birthday


October & November 2019 Newsletter from
the Ramirez Family




Celebrating a Baptismal Birthday 

           This month we also celebrated Abraham’s baptismal birthday as a family. This is such an important day to remember as it is the day when the Lord welcomed Abraham as His own child. This day He gave to Abraham life, salvation and the forgiveness of sins. This day in the waters of baptism, Abraham was washed of all his sins and given faith in Jesus Christ. For the rest of his life Abraham will never need to doubt his standing before the Lord, but simply remember this day when he was baptized. We can trust in the promise of the Lord that no mater what happens Abraham will live forever with us in Heaven. We celebrated as a family by reading the baptismal texts in the catechism, singing the hymn ‘God’s Own Child’ and lighting a candle (pictured above). How does your family celebrate and remember your baptismal birthdays? If you don’t already have this habit as a family consider starting a new tradition. It’s such a joy to take a little time to speak the Gospel words to your children and remind them what the Lord has done for them. 


Documents and Paperwork – Immigration  

           This month the Ramirez family had to take a trip to the capital, Santo Domingo, to visit the immigration office. We have been working on obtaining residency for about a year now. The government has repeatedly asked for additional documentation which they did not originally request. This has been a stressful process for our family due to the fact that this has involved the governments of three countries,the Dominican Republic, the United States and Peru. We have finally finished this step of documentation and moved on to the next step. Our entire family had medical exams in the capital and now the government is reviewing everything to make a decision on our residency. We pray that all goes smoothly and we may be granted residency.



Teaching Women & Becoming a Writer 


         One of my great joys of diaconal work is teaching. It has been such a  pleasure to teach deaconess classes here in the DR and grow with the  ladies.  My deaconess students and I have finished our first class ‘Deaconess Identity’ I’m very proud of them and myself for all the time and energy we put into this class. The seminary has requested that I help with the writing of course material and not just the teaching. This is a new and scary role for me. During my ministry I have not done much writing at all. Life on the  mission field has been far too busy to sit and write out bible studies, devotions or lesson plans. Starting small, I am currently working to write a bible study series on the 10 commandments for young women (which will be used with our youth group). Additionally, I am helping with the review and editing process for diaconal classes which have already been written. Please pray for me as the Lord stretches me and uses me in this new way.

Deaconess Caitlin teaching class at Pueblo Nuevo where we have
five women participating in the deaconess classes. 



What’s been happening in Peru?


        The Lord has been at work in the church in Peru and we’re so excited to see so many good things happening there. Castillo Fuerte participated in a huge community event (pictured above), where they were able to share with the public about who they are and what they offer to the community. Castillo Fuerte was also recognized by the local government for the work they do and had a chance to network with other non-profit organizations. 
          Pastor Osmel, Pastor Walterson and Vicar  Elvis have been busy in the churches of La Victoria and Los Olivos. At La Victoria, five youth from Castillo Fuerte were confirmed (below left). This is the second group of youth to be confirmed from Castillo Fuerte. The first group was in 2017 with Deaconess Caitlin. At the congregation in Los Olivos the adult members have been working through a series of bible classes to further their leadership abilities, service to the church and biblical knowledge (pictured below right). We are so thankful for these three dedicated church workers, Pastors Osmel & Walterson as well as Vicar Elvis who are continuing the work in Lima, Peru.

Please Pray with us for: 

– the Foro in Peru during November.    
– Thanksgiving that we have found a nanny for Abraham.
– for our residency request in the DR. 
– for the health of Yolanda, Pastor Osmel’s wife.  
– Please pray for Jeancarlos in his studies at the seminary.

– Please pray for the deaconess classes in the congregations of Palmar Arriba and Pueblo Nuevo.  
– As the holidays approach we ask for your prayers for all missionaries who are far away from family during these times. Pray that their spirits are uplifted and the devil doesn’t cause  loneliness or depression. 


We are so thankful for your gifts and prayers! It would not be possible for us to serve as missionaries without your support at home. As the need for missionaries is constant so is the need for financial support. Please prayerfully consider giving another gift to support the ongoing work of sharing of the Good News of Jesus with our world. 



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