Ramirez (Dominican Republic) Update – March 2022

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March 2022 News from the Ramirez Family

Greetings in the Name of our Savior Jesus. The new year has been busy and full in ministry activities. Jeancarlos continues his final year of  studies and vicarage under a new supervisor, a local Dominican pastor. We are looking forward to his graduation in May. After his graduation our family will be returning to Peru so that he can be ordained and called as a pastor. Deaconess Caitlin continues to work with the youth, school and ladies in Palmar Arriba. Caitlin has also been working with the ladies specifically on accounting at the Church. Learning how to do Good bookkeeping and how to be Good stewards of the gifts that God has given to us. A new, old Project, has been getting the Amigos de Jesus (Friends of Jesus) ministry started again in our congregation. This is an outreach to families with disabilities in the community. Friends of Jesus event pictured below. 

Men’s Night Outreach Event

During February our Church had men’s night. Men from the community were invited to play dominos, eat and have bible study together. There were about 15 men in attendance and only about 5 of them were Church members. The other men who came were husbands, fathers and brothers of the women in our congregation. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know these men, share the gospel with them and talk about what it means to be a man! Vicar Jeancarlos led the bible study. Please pray that we are able to continue reaching out to these men and sharing Christ with them. Men’s Night is pictured below. 

Deaconess Classes

Caitlin’s work with the seminary on deaconess formation continues. Over the last few months she has worked collaboratively on the writing of two new course manuals, Confessions and Diaconal Care. The first class confessions will be taught in the Dominican Republic by Caitlin at the end of March. Diaconal Care will be taught as an intensive in May before graduation. In January we had an intensive class on Theology of Mercy. The ladies spent 3 days together to study God’s word and the topic of suffering. The students now have two classes left to graduate in May. Here in the Dominican Republic we have 14 students from five different countries. Around the region the The program expands over five different countries (but in some cases like here in the DR even more nationalities are represented). This will be our first graduating class. We are expecting around 80 women to graduate in  May 2022.

The Ramirez Family is going on HOME SERVICE!

That means we are coming to visit you, and share in person the stories about what is happening on the field. We are currently making plans to be in the US during June and July 2022. Please reach out to us to make plans to visit you!

Please Pray with us for:

– for the planning for our family’s return to Peru August 2022.

–  for the end of Jeancarlos’ studies in Seminary and for his

–  for the children’s peruvian citizenship documents.

– the upcoming Deaconess course on confessions later this month.

Please Give thanks with us for:

– for the deaconess intensive course on Mercy in January.

– our time in the Dominican Republic serving the mission here.

– Praise the Lord for Men’s Night and pray for evangelism efforts with these men.


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