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Photo from the Dominican Republic Foro March 2020


February and March 2020
Newsletter from the Ramirez Family



Ramirez Family Personal Update  

             Our family is currently on a self-imposed quarantine. We’ve been staying at home and away from others trying to stay safe and healthy during the spread of this desease. 
              We have a facebook page so that we can share with you more updates and more often about the work and the things that we do on the field. Please check it out and give it a “like.” Please also share the info and invite others to hear about the work we are doing.  



COVID-19 Update  

            Today were gonna take a little time to look at the COVID-19 situation in Latin America. 

            We’ve all seen the huge impact this virus is having on the world. We’ve seen the news, heard horror stories about the lives lost and the panic that is ensuing. We know what it looks like at home, in our own corner of the world, how schools have been shut down and stores are running out of essentials. But what does that look like in Latin America and how is it affecting our missions?  



COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic


               In the Dominican Republic, things are pretty calm and normal still. The president addressed the country last night, march 17 and explained the steps the government and the medical professionals are taking. In addition to getting things ready for a huge outbreak all schools have been closed for one month, and all borders have been closed for two weeks. Work is still happening throughout the country, stores are still open and life is proceeding as normal for most Dominicans. Currently there are 29 confirmed cases in the country. 


Ministry continues even with the COVID-19
in the Dominican Republic


               The Lutheran Mission has taken a little bit more aggressive approach to the situation to keep the missionaries and our church members safe. The seminary has changed all classes to online format. Jeancarlos is logging-in each day from home to participate in his classes. Our Lutheran Schools have closed, advising parents and children to stay home as much as possible. In addition, our churches have canceled all fellowship activities and are sending out daily prayers, devotions and sermons to encourage our members during these difficult times. Ministry is taking on a new form as we digitally reach out to our members and care for them at a distance in order to care for their bodies as well and protect them from the spread of this virus. Missionaries and families are self-isolating where possible and trying to stay at home and be extra careful with hand washing and cleanliness to prevent the spread of the virus.  


COVID-19 in Peru 


         The government is taking the risk much more seriously in Peru. As of March 16 there were 89 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Peru. The Peruvian government closed down all school, borders and issued a state of emergency. This completely shut down the country. Only essential companies are allowed to remain open and only until noon each day. There is a curfew in place and families must register one individual with the government. This head of the house may leave to buy food or see to medical needs for the family.
            The church is working hard to send out daily devotions and prayers, provide online bible studies, and make sure that all members have food and medical needs covered.  

 Please continue to pray for us all during this time. Pray for our safety and for peace and trust in our Lord during these uncertain times.       




10 new members welcomed in baptism at the church in Palmar Arriba


Praise the Lord for Baptisms  
10 new believers welcomed into the family of Christ   

          Over the last few months, our pastors have been visiting a community called la Piedra. This is just outside of Palmar Arriba where we have a congregation.  We  were invited to come by the matriarch of a family there who had visited our church in Palmar Arriba with her friend one of our Dominican deaconesses. After months of visitation, bible studies and teaching pastor invited the family to consider being baptized. The family took to the idea with much excitement and enthusiasm. Ten members of the family were baptized at the church in Palmar Arriba two weeks ago. We praise the Lord for bringing these new believers into his family and giving them Christ, the forgiveness of their sins and life ever lasting. Adults and children were baptized and welcomed into the church. Pastor will continue teaching and working with this family. We pray that the Holy Spirit will bring these adults to confirmation as well and eventually that we might be able to start a mission plant in La Piedra.  .   




Please Pray with us for: 

all those affected by COVID-19 
-Praise the Lord that we have recieved residency in the Dominican Republic. 
-Praise the Lord that our request for a delayed vicarage has been granted. 
– Please pray for our  deaconess students,  Leonida, Mercedes, Shelia, Nini, Rosi, Olga, Yudaimy. 
-Please pray for our home service planning.  
 -We give thanks for the beginning of this Lenten season and pray that all would be able to take time to be still and reflect on the Word. 


We are so thankful for your gifts and prayers! It would not be possible for us to serve as missionaries without your support at home. As the need for missionaries is constant so is the need for financial support. Please prayerfully consider giving another gift to support the ongoing work of sharing of the Good News of Jesus with our world. 



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