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COVID-19 update




Update from the mission field



From our home in Santiago


Along with most of the rest of the world, we have been sheltering in place since mid-March. Pastor Preus has been holding services using Facebook live or a recording program and making them available on our church’s Facebook page ( One of his field workers has been very helpful in ironing out some of the technical issues while transitioning to this format of worship. Our church also has a Whatsapp group he has been using to stay in contact with members and has talked with them on the phone. Through communication with the deaconnesses of our congregation who live in Palmar, he has kept up on personal needs of various members and has made a couple of visits to town to check-in with members. The people of Palmar seem very alert to the importance of social distancing, and yet there are some complications with measures since many families live in small quarters and multiple houses share the same property. His seminary courses have continued without interruption using Zoom. We await a public address by President Danilo Medina tonight regarding what next measures will be put in place for the country.


As mentioned in our last newsletter, our housekeeper has chosen to live with us for the past month, and we have appreciated her help and company. This week, she made the decision to continue the remainder of time under the "quedate en casa" (shelter-at-home) order with her daughter and family in Palmar. Pastor will be driving her out there this afternoon.


One interesting note about the local economy, the island is still producing a bounty of fresh fruit but with many of the vendors shut-down and ports for exporting produce closed, much of the fruit is not able to be sold. One side-effect of this there is a bounty of premium, fresh fruit at certain road stands that remain open, as well as the local grocery stores.


The kids have been keeping up with studies through virtual learning and Jenny has been trying to keep on top of building everyone’s immunity. She regularly pushes liquids, apple cide vinegar doses, daily vitamin D exposure, extra sleep, and exercise. She has also been trying to keep the homefront well-stocked with necessities in the event of any future shortages or unrest, which includes shelving some canned food, solar powered lantern and flashlights, and water purification supplies. Fortunately we have not needed these things so far, although drinking water has been scarce a few days this past week.


We continue to find comfort in God’s promises these days, and know that our days are in his hands. You all remain in our hearts and prayers, and we will try to update you again in a month or so. The Lord bless you all!



A glimpse of the past month



Here is the Cibao International Airport here in Santiago, usually a bustling place this time of day. We have heard from the US embassy that certain flights are available to bring expats back to their country of origin, but only leaving from Santo Domingo – the capital.



In an effort to change up our daily scene, we take occasional drives around the city. Here we drove by the kid’s empty school, and Rolf offered a hand of comfort to Hans.

We try to stay prepared whatever the future brings – a few drops of this will purify tap water for drinking


Last month we drove to the airport to pick up a missionary’s car from long-term parking. Always friendly people, David is chatting here with the security guards after they released the car to us.

Here is Søren hard at work

on his 2nd grade homework.


Here is the Department of Health doing their daily route through the neighborhood to fumigate against the virus.

We continue to try and boost our immunity as is our usual habit while living here. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


We attended a virtual wedding for the children’s art teacher. She married her Dominican novio, and her family and minister participated virtually while airing it on their Youtube channel. It was truly a joy-filled day!

Fidelina has been a great help and companion this past month. We are thankful we have all been safe and healthy during this sheltering period.


The kids have spent lots of time in the backyard pool together. Here we were taking videos of some of their "tricks" to share with cousins back in the states!

A glimpse of a line outside one of our grocery stores. Notice the watch guard and clerk providing hand sanitation to customers on the way in. Other grocery stores take shopper’s temperatures prior to entry, and all require a mask and gloves.



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