With our busy schedule each and every day, we are just absolutely “swamped” with people here at Mission Central all the time…

HOWEVER, the Lord knows all about our schedule, and HE is the one in charge at this MIRACLE PLACE.  That was the case here on the 8th of September!  The Lord sent very, very special people “at just the right time” to arrive here when Old Missionary Gary could provide a tour for two wonderful guests that happened to “drop in”.

Yes, our dear friends, Todd and Shari Maurer from St. John Lutheran Church at rural Columbus, Nebraska came at “just the right time” after our bus load from Madison, Nebraska just left.  It gave Old Missionary Gary, Todd and Shari to have a very, very wonderful time together!

Todd and Shari are truly people who are NOT NORMAL and what a blessing to have some time to spend with these dear folks.  It couldn’t have worked out better!  If the Lord knows the numbers of hairs on our heads and when a little sparrow falls to the ground….HE IS TOTALLY IN CHARGE OF THE SCHEDULE HERE ALSO!  Here you see our dear friends Todd and Shari in our office with our Boss in the background.  Our Boss can do anything!