Pauls are fine in Taiwan

Dear Friends and Family:

Many of you have asked if we’re doing okay after the massive earthquake that struck Taiwan yesterday.  Thank you for your concern, and for your prayers for Taiwan.

By our Lord’s grace, we are fine.  We, and all the other LCMS missionaries, live on the western third of the island.  The epicenter of the earthquake was on the eastern coast of Taiwan.  Thus, while we definitely felt the earthquake, no damage was done to our apartment and we are all fine.

You’re reading pretty much the same news that we are here, but the last we saw was that nine people are confirmed dead, hundreds are still trapped in tunnels or in areas now inaccessible due to the earthquake, and over a thousand are injured.  Thank you for your prayers for the people of Taiwan!

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Michael and Jen-Yi “Irene” Paul