Not Normal Stetzel family comes to Mission Central

YES, it was one of those days we will ALWAYS remember…a day when God’s special Not Normal missionaries arrived at Mission Central on November 3rd, 2018.  Missionaries that we love and appreciate so much!

It was the family of the sainted Dale and Maxine Stetzel from Casey, Iowa who came to spend an afternoon to tour this MIRACLE PLACE.  Old Missionary Gary had known Dale and Maxine for over 20 years, and what a blessing to have had the privilege of knowing these dear friends.  Now, both Dale and Maxine are with our Savior Jesus, and they are waiting for us.  What a happy reunion that will be!

But, our friendship here at Mission Central continues with the members of the family to their children, their grandchildren and EVEN THEIR GREAT GRANDCHILDREN.  What a blessing…to have the honor and privilege of knowing all this family….and they came to have a special tour for the entire family….they had the full tour of the Lord’s Creation Theater, the Barn Museum, the offices and the wayside prayer chapel.

Here you see the family in our office at Mission Central, with our Boss in the background…..WHAT A JOY TO SPEND TIME WITH THIS DEAR, DEAR FAMILY!  It is because of special missionaries like this family that we can keep going day after day….what a blessing to receive the family’s memorial gift in Loving Memory of their dear dad and grandpa, Dale, and it made Old Missionary Gary cry!  Dale and Maxine and their family knew that they couldn’t go to lands of darkness to tell people about our dear Savior Jesus, BUT THEY COULD HELP TO SEND SOMEONE IN THEIR PLACE SO THAT THERE WILL BE MORE PEOPLE IN OUR REAL HOME, WHEN WE GET TO SEE DALE AND MAXINE AGAIN!