Not Normal people come to Mission Central on June 27th

What a great blessing to have folks come from Sloan, Iowa and Panora, Iowa as well as Mapleton, Iowa to visit the Lord’s Mission Central.

It was truly a special day on this Saturday to have this amazing group of Christian people who were NOT NORMAL come and be here to see what the Lord can do with an old set of farm buildings in the middle of nowhere!

Rod and Cathy Ballard came from Panora, Iowa to visit for the very first time. Deb Schoenfeldt and her daughter Rheannon came from Mapleton, and Tony Kenney came from west of Sloan, Iowa.

They enjoyed a special tour of the entire facilities and finished our tour with a final prayer in the wayside prayer chapel. These were NOT NORMAL people that came and could see what God has done at this MIRACLE PLACE.

Here you see these folks in front of our Boss here in old Missionary Gary’s office.