Not Normal pastor and his family come to Mission Central



It was one of those special days…a day we will long, long, long remember.  It was a Saturday on the 28th of July, 2018.  A day for making memories…

From the very first time that Old Missionary Gary met Rev. Steve Schulz he could tell that this guy was truly NOT NORMAL…and when he met his wife Sue, and their older children Michael and Katie….and their younger children Jonathan and Jacob…he knew that the whole dog-gone shooten match was TRULY NOT NORMAL!  Yes, they weren’t playing Christian….they were people who truly had Jesus living in their hearts, and were NOT like people of this world! 

Yes, they came all the way from Fargo, North Dakota to the Lord’s Mission Central in the middle of “nowhere” to see the Lord’s Creation Theater.  What a blessing to have them come and see not what we have done, but what the Lord has done here!

Pastor Schultz was called on by old Missionary Gary, when he was pastor at Fenton, Iowa 23 years ago, and then he went to Grace Lutheran in Storm Lake, and then was called to Fargo, North Dakota!  Pastor Schulz and his family were well acquainted with Gary’s mom and dad, and what a JOY to have this special family as a part of our REAL FAMILY.

Here you see Gary with Jacob and Jonathan in front of our Boss here at Mission Central and also the entire Schulz Family in that same position.  What a blessing and JOY to have them here for four wonderful hours for a tour and for a good, good, good visit.  WE LOVE THE SCHULZ FAMILY HERE AT THE LORD’S MISSION CENTRAL!