Not Normal man comes to visit from Battle Creek, Nebraska

It was about 11 years ago, when Old Missionary Gary had the honor and privilege of meeting the Honorable Missionary Ron Buckendahl, when he spoke at St. John Lutheran Church at Battle Creek, Nebraska.

As soon as Missionary Gary met Ron, he could tell IMMEDIATELY THAT HE WAS “NOT NORMAL”.  He was in the world but not of the world.  They have been special friends in Christ all these past years.

On November 19th, God called Ron to make a special trip all by himself to come and see what God has done in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Western Iowa.  It is because of dear, dear friends like Ron Buckendahl that we can keep going day after day here at this MIRACLE PLACE called Mission Central.

Ron had not seen our Ministry Center or the new Lord’s Creation Theater or the little Wayside Prayer Chapel.  It was indeed a day that we will long, long remember.  We thank God for NOT NORMAL friends like Ron.

Thank you, Ron, for being a special ENCOURAGER for all of us here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Here Ron is pictured with our BOSS in the background in the Creation Theater building!