Not Normal friends come from Randolph, Nebraska


The Lord has every single day and hour planned in our lives!  Sometimes we forget that.  That is what happened on August the 21st, 2018.  Yes, as Old Missionary Gary was walking around the grounds of the Lord’s Mission Central, a very strange pickup pulled up and two NOT NORMAL people walked over to pray in the little wayside prayer chapel.

We didn’t know who these people were, but we shouted to them, “Do you want to join a tour?” …and they immediately said, YES!

Russ and Marla Gubbels were driving through the country and saw this little wayside prayer chapel, and wanted to stop and what a blessing they were able to join a tour here, and WHAT A JOY AND BLESSING TO BECOME ACQUAINTED WITH THESE “NOT NORMAL” CHRISTIAN FRIENDS!!

Old Missionary Gary felt like he had known these people all his life and they so much enjoyed the tour of this NOT NORMAL place that only God could have provided.

What a JOY and blessing to have these new friends from Randolph, Nebraska, and I’m certain they will never forget their MIRACLE trip to the Lord’s Mission Central.  What a blessing that Jesus sends people here like the dear Gubbels family.  We will never forget this day!  Here you see these folks in front of our Boss here at HIS Mission Central!!!!