The amazing and truly NOT NORMAL Pastor David Lyons, Senior Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church at Schaller, Iowa brought his confirmation class to “EXPERIENCE” what it was like to travel to the Lord’s Mission Central!
This major Mission Trip was designed to help the students better understand the First Article of the Apostle’s Creed…”I BELIEVE IN GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY, MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!”
There were 10 very, very NOT NORMAL youth, and they were so well behaved, and it was one of the best groups that we have had here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  The students were given a full tour, of the offices, the ministry center, then the amazing Lord’s Creation Theater, where they saw the animals that God created on the 6th day of creation!  Then to the Barn Museum and finally a special story and prayer in the Wayside Prayer Chapel.
Old Missionary Gary made each of them promise to keep Jesus in their hearts as long as they live, so we could be together in our real home in heaven!
Here you see the group in Gary’s office with our Boss in the background, in the Lord’s Creation Theater, and the group enjoyed being dressed up like people from around the world, that need to know about our Jesus!  It was a special Wednesday and what a blessing to have these “leaders of tomorrow” come and visit this MIRACLE PLACE!