It was one of those days that was SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.  Normally, old Missionary Gary is on the road, appointments, and visitors, but this day the 22nd of July…there was an “open day”.  Why?  Because the Lord had 2 special guests that were coming from Battle Creek and Norfolk, Nebraska.

Yes, if the Lord knows the number of hairs on our head and when a little sparrow falls to the ground….he’s got plans for each of us at “just the right time”

What a JOY it was to welcome two dear special Christian Friends, who had never been to the Lord’s Mission Central before.  Missionary Richard Grant from Battle Creek, Nebraska and Judy Nathan from Norfolk, Nebraska came and spent the afternoon at this MIRACLE PLACE!

It was indeed a wonderful and beautiful day…and these two dear friends were able to see what the Lord has done here in the middle of nowhere!  Here you see these two special NOT NORMAL missionaries in front of our Boss here at Mission Central!  It was one of those days that we will never, never forget!