Nichelle Dykema – Peru

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The Chance to Share God’s Love Wherever We Are:
While I was preparing to travel to the Dominican Republic, I was blessed to have many opportunities to share what God has called me to be a part of. I was surprised how often simply mentioning that I was serving abroad opened up a much bigger conversation. Something as simple as a run to the bank, I ended up talking at length with the teller about short-term mission trips and how she could find a team to get involved. It’s an awesome reminder that God works through each of us where we are; I don’t become a missionary when I get to Perú. I’m a missionary, you are a missionary, today and everyday we have the opportunity to share God’s love with the people around us. We are so blessed!

Now may the God of peace…equip you with everything good That You May Do His Will:
Thank you so much for all of your prayers for my travel! I made it to the Dominican Republic safely, and have started my language classes and final orientation. Meeting the Regional Team and the Seminary Students from around Latin America has been an amazing opportunity. Elvis, the seminary student from Peru, is here with his family as well. It’s a great chance to get to know them before I get to Lima.

I’ve visited two of the mission sites here in Santiago. I met teachers and students at our school in Palmar Arriba; then was invited to attend service and a fellowship celebration with the congregation in Licey. Worshiping together with local members as well as teammates serving here in the Dominican Republic. Praise the Lord for his wonderful blessings!

The March NewsLetter – Click here
 A new park recently opened in the Santiago area and has quickly become a place for people to gather together. Missionaries, seminary students, and their families took an impromptu trip out to play fútbol and walk the path that used to be an old airport landing strip. It was a fun afternoon out in the community of Santiago.
 Nichelle Dykema and Natalie Howard review the mission in the Dominican Republic and how they can work together to be involved.
 Missionary Nichelle Dykema arrived in the Dominican Republic. She will be shadowing the regional team and taking immersive language class before deploying to Perú in April.