Mackenzie (Dominican Republic) Update – August 2022

2022 Quarter 3

Upcoming FOROs:
September 9-11, 2022, Santiago, DR

Contact LAC regional Volunteer Coordinator Erin Mackenzie with questions or for more information. 

Spotlight: Missions

Iglesia Luterana Cordero de Dios in Licey al Medio has had a relationship with two outlying communities, Los Callejones and Villa Dura, for several years now. In between seasons of regular activity, church leadership took advantage of kids’ summer break from school to hold pop-up VBS-style day camps in both, and kicked it all off by inviting kids from the neighborhood around the church proper to an event that began in the sanctuary and ended at tables set up in the parking lot. And so it was that for three consecutive days in late July, pastors, deaconesses, seminarians, and members collaborated to share a message on the blessings of Baptism with those assembled at each site. Bible lessons, games, crafts, and songs all pointed to what this washing with water and the Word signifies in the life of a believer: forgiveness of sins and eternal life. 

Spotlight: Education

Concordia the Reformer Seminary intentionally forms its pastoral graduates to be shepherds, teachers, and evangelists. Soon, though, it will add to its impressive program repertoire the formation of teachers! Rev. Yban Navarro, himself a CMSCR graduate, bears a nombramiento as director of a Lutheran teacher colloquy program that will enhance the level of Lutheran primary and secondary education LCMS mission fields and partner church bodies regionwide provide. In May, he traveled to Guatemala, home to one of Central America’s largest Lutheran schools, with three objectives: 1) observe the inner workings of a thriving institution; 2) learn how the role of each individual faculty member contributes to both the mission of the school and the mission of the Church; and 3) plant the idea of the colloquy program abroad and see how it might best help teachers keep Christ at the center of their classrooms. 

Spotlight: Mercy

As a cornerstone of the DRLM’s presence in the Dominican Republic, exposing short-term volunteers to the mercy work that both feeds into and flows out of church planting in this place is key to Mission Education. In May, a short-term team from Concordia University Nebraska had multiple touchpoints with the staff and residents of the HLBP group home. Team members enjoyed a meal prepared by one of the tíos, then acted out “Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples” from John 21 for the chicos and taught them how to draw a simple boat. By week’s end, the Nebraskans had six new Dominican friends and would voluntarily spend blocks of free time watching YouTube or playing UNO with them. A much anticipated beach excursion stood out as a highlight for all. 

Spotlight: Daily Life

The DR missionary family celebrates and stands with Viktor “Vik” Fritsche upon his enlistment in the US Army! Vik graduated from Wittenberg Academy in May and reported to South Carolina’s Fort Jackson for basic training on August 1. His dad, Rev. Joel Fritsche, did the honors and gave him a ceremonial buzz cut at a Stateside graduation party in July. The Fritsche family plans to reunite for Vik’s graduation in a few weeks; in the meantime, follow his company on this Facebook page. Thanks for your service, Vik! (Note: Vik isn’t the only Fritsche embarking on a new journey this month; Joel began his first Old Testament PhD class through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary!)

We invite you to join us on field in the Dominican Republic in the following ways:

2023 Missionary Kid Program Team
Community Center Revitalization Team
VBS Team
Mercy Outreach Team
Youth Retreat Team
Playground Renovation Team
Seminary Facilities Maintenance Team
Mission Education Team (Online)
Mission Education Team

(Subject to change at any time without notice. Please see here for all current service opportunities, globally). 

More Upcoming DRLM Happenings

  • September 11: CMSCR/Concordia Lutheran School opening service
  • September 17-24: Short-term team, Trinity Lutheran Church, Garden City, KS
  • September 28 – October 5: Short-term team, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO
  • October 19-26, Short-term team, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Chesterfield, MO
  • January 21-28, 2023: Short-term team, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO

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