New staff member: Kristin Kaldahl


The Lord keeps sending us new Staff people and today on the 21st of August the Lord sent us Kristin Kaldahl from Spencer, Iowa.  Yes, we were worried about help for our Volunteer E-Mail Specialists, and the Lord sent Kristin from Spencer at “just the right time”.

Kristin is the wife of the very famous Missionary Pastor Rev. Dr. Paul Kaldahl from First English Lutheran Church at Spencer, Iowa.  What a honor and privilege to have Kristin be willing to help as one of our Staff Volunteers at the Lord’s Mission Central.

Here you see Kristin in front of our Boss here at Mission Central, and we had to make sure we had a picture of Kristin and her helper, Rev. Kaldahl.

What a blessing to have this new staff person for the Lord Jesus and HIS mission work.