Miracles keep right on happening at Mission Central.  For a long, long time we needed to replace a section of the old sidewalk at the entrance to the Lord’s Mission Central!  After 16 years the JOB FINALLY GOT DONE.


Who would come and help, who could do such a job of “ripping” out the old sidewalk and getting the entire job done?  It would take an expert, and a real “construction expert” to get that all done!  WHO WOULD THE LORD USE FOR SUCH A JOB?  Well, the one person that you wouldn’t expect…A PASTOR!


Yes, the Lord called the Honorable Missionary Rev. Roger Carlisle from Peace Lutheran Church of Wall Lake, Iowa!  This dear soul came and brought all kinds of his personal equipment…a Bob-Cat, trailer, equipment, forms, and worked for several days ALL BY HIMSELF!  The days were so hot and he worked all by himself, and the sweat just ran off of Pastor Carlisle!  After all of the hard work of breaking up the old concrete and moving that to a disposal area, all by himself, he was then ready to pour on August 19th, 2019!  The cement truck arrived and 5.3 yards of concrete mix was needed, and Pastor Carlisle called in one of his “expert” helpers from his congregation to help with the finished product on that day, when Lon arrived to “finish up” the amazing job.


Here you see Pastor Carlisle and Lon after the job was completed, and what a blessing this will be here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Yes, God can use all kinds of people to get HIS work done!  We can’t thank these men enough for what they have done!  What a great, great job.