New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

Serving from Home

Posted: 11 Aug 2020 03:22 AM PDT

Things I didn’t do on day 153 that I would have done if COVID-19 weren’t a thing: fly to St. Louis for the start of my home service. 
Instead, I’m still working…er, serving?…from my home in Santiago. The latest out of the DR is that we remain in a state of emergency. Curfew was extended another 25 days as of yesterday, although that’s subject to change when president-elect Luis Abinader takes office on Sunday, August 16. 
I toyed with a library work session this morning but wound up sticking around Cerro Alto. My inbox was full by my standards, and I’ll be spending a few days outside the city this weekend. I’m waaaaay out of practice packing, and I want to leave things – including my Mission Central presentation for the day I come back – in order. I’ll be giving another presentation tomorrow for the LCMS Volunteer Connection volunteers and making two videos in the coming weeks (one for an LWML district convention that’s gone virtual and one for a Together in Mission congregation). Reducing missionary life into a series of bullet points and combing through two years of Shutterfly albums for images that tell the story is laborious but helps me pause to marvel at God’s goodness, providence, and faithfulness. 
Speaking of providence…I think mango season is winding down, but not before I could make Spiced Mango Muffins and Mango Chicken Naan Bread Pizza.
OK, no more mango-themed food photography. I promise! There ARE other photos on my camera roll, like…
…driving my missionary friend Tirzah to pick up her new car: the 3rd white Hyundai Cantus in the missionary family! One of these days, we’ll take a triplet picture. 
…church at Pueblo Nuevo, which I’ve been attending the past few weeks a) so I can be strengthened by the blessing of the Lord’s Supper; and b) since I’ve been helping out with rides for GEOs and seminarians in the absence of a few key regulars. Pictured are Deaconess Intern Kate and rising 2nd year seminarian Josué on keyboard and guitar, respectively, two Sundays ago. 
…a virtual Bible study and worship service with the entire region. It was a far cry from the fellowship of our annual conference but moving nonetheless to be joined on-screen by colleagues on three continents. 
…taking a time out from actual cataloging in the library to bring some order to the mounting clutter. Anything that’s not a book (periodicals, tracts, maps, A/V) has been relegated to the librarian’s office in labeled boxes. (I owe you a more thorough update on the library soon, since lately, if I’m not at home and it’s after 8 am, chances are I’m nerding out in Palmar.)
birthday Poetry Teatime in honor of Abby (2nd from right with her back to the wall). Poetry Teatime is a biweekly happening at the Warren house, but it’s not every Tuesday we get to sing
Happy birthday to you,/
Squashed tomatoes and stew/
Bread and butter in the gutter/
Happy birthday to you!

She’s having a Harry Potter-themed birthday party…sometime. I’m in charge of the cake and already dreaming up ideas.

…what happens when the botanical garden, where you’ll find me if I’m not home and it’s before 8 am, is late opening the gates!
Until next time, blessings!