New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

Bring It On, Month 2

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 01:49 PM PDT

It sounds like something from the Old Testament: On the third day of the second month…

Yes, we are on day 34 of sheltering in place by my count. Time has become a blur. All of sudden it’s possible to reference something that happened ____ weeks ago, yet still during this season of lockdown.

Even my phone now reminds me that I’m to “QUEDATEENCASA” (STAYHOME). 

The DR’s 5 pm curfew was extended through April 30. Summer arrived mid-pandemic, so pre-curfew walks aren’t as much of a fixture as they once were. Morning runs and walks, thus, have become even more of a fixture. Professed night owl Danelle has started coming with me so frequently that we don’t even have to rehash where to meet and what time anymore. 
There is open debate about whether masks are required for said activities. A local news source reported and the embassy confirmed that they’re required in “public spaces.” Would YOU call the street a public space? I erred on the side of caution and wore one yesterday and today (a surgical mask instead of a CPH VBS buff for the first time!), and it was as miserable as it sounds. My glasses kept fogging up!

All of my normal, introverted activities continue:
Having given up sweets for Lent, I was itching to bake. I live alone and have elected not to expand my circle, though, so Nigella Lawson’s Emergency Brownies were perfect. I made mine in a loaf pan!
The most recent Netflix Party was over the hedge!

Puzzle #2 took a bit longer than puzzle #1, but I finished it just before lunch today. Tirzah & I played musical puzzles earlier this afternoon, so I didn’t even roll the table runner back out. I should have been counting how many books I’ve finished!
There’s also something to be said for keeping things interesting when you’ve been shut up almost as long as Noah was on the ark, although I refuse to watch Tiger Kings
Trucks spraying a mysterious chemical have been spotted on numerous occasions! It might be something routine (mosquitoes?), but I have a hunch it’s COVID-19 related. 

Zoom virtual backgrounds were developed to hide sensitive information on desks, whiteboards, and the like, but lately they’ve turned into a novelty. I’ve personally been in meetings with people everywhere from the Golden Gate Bridge to outer space to Jesus’ empty tomb. I finally found some I thought were worth trying out! (P.S. The LCMS created some, too! There’s even one from LAC.)

Letter-er extraordinaire Lizz has done several evening Facebook live sessions, but she did her first Zoom session yesterday afternoon. I’ve been keeping up with the April challenge and I’m going to finish it out, but I’ve come to the realization that lettering isn’t a hobby I wish to pursue, and I’m OK with that. Lizz is an excellent instructor and very encouraging, and the messages from God’s Word even more so on both counts!
Yesterday morning before church, a friend and I did Saturday’s New York Times crossword over WhatsApp. Last night, I tested my idea of playing Scattergories over Zoom with my family, and it worked brilliantly. Game night coming up soon! Tonight kicks off a new, online Bible study led by someone on staff at my home church. Virtual Pilates and yoga are still on my radar.
Am I allowed to say I don’t hate every second of this? I feel guilty, but…I don’t hate every second of this. I could leave you with a litany of complaints and challenges that pale in comparison to so many others, so instead, praise the Lord with me for the opportunity to rally around the faithful region-wide in innovative ways and care for one another, all while social distancing! 
Until next time, blessings!
P.S. My neighbors have taken to playing the heartstring-tugging quarantine anthem “Volveremos a brindar” (“We Will Toast Again”) by Lucia Gil, seemingly on repeat. I hear it now…