New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

Picking up the Pieces

Posted: 08 Apr 2020 05:34 PM PDT

Puzzle #1 ✔ 
I promised a photo sequence in my last post, so here goes: 
Sunday, 3:51 pm

Sunday, 8:12 pm
Monday, 9:32 pm

Tuesday, 5:31 pm

Tuesday, 8:06 pm
Before the big reveal, can I just say that I’ve been looking at too many maps like this recently?

I like this one much better!

This morning, 10:48 am!
I think I need a harder puzzle! (If you’re wondering, the missing piece (the flag of Belgium) is lost and gone forever, along with its cousin, a second missing piece.)
Until next time, blessings!