What a blessing to welcome the amazing new missionary family that God has called to serve the people in the Cayman Islands!  On September 12th, 2020, with the cooperation of Missionary Rev. Richard Gudgel, of Utica, Nebraska, an entire group of NOT NORMAL people came for a day tour and visit to the Lord’s Mission Central!

It was so special because our newly called Missionaries, Rev. Gerald and Heidi Paul, from Montana, were able to spend their first time at Mission Central, and what a JOY to have them report to this group.  Yes, it was such a special day, because the group also had a zoom visit with Kim Bueltmann from Leipzig, Germany!

In the attached pictures you will see the Rev. Paul and Heidi, and see Rev. Paul presenting to the group and also this group had some special people that came forward and helped to pray for and send the Paul family!  It was a time that the group will never, never forget.  What a privilege of being able to SEND ONE OF OUR MISSIONARIES!

Also, pictured is the Honorable Missionaries Rev. Richard Gudgel and his dear wife Bonnie, just going through the dinner line, and without their help, this tour group couldn’t have been organized.  It was a day we will never, never forget!