New Missionaries going to Uruguay, South America visit Mission Central!

The Lord continues to send new missionaries here to HIS Mission Central!  They seem to arrive at “just the right time”, and what a JOY to meet so many of the people that come here, that the Lord sends.

Yes, that sure was the case on November 5th, 2021, on that Saturday the Lord sent Rev. Phil and Rachel Jaseph here on their “journey” to the darkest country in all of South America….URUGUAY!  In this land they have the fewest Christians than any other country in South America.

This young couple will be going to bring the light of our Jesus to people who have never heard HIS name!  They provided an excellent program for a special group of people to SEND THEM.  On this Friday, this group of people prayed and sent this couple that is truly CALLED!

Here you see this special couple in the office with our Boss in the background and also the group of people that were praying for and sending the Jaseph family.