New benches at Mission Central












It was 2003, when Old Missionary Gary purchased the benches for people to set on at the Lord’s Mission Central.  These benches were used and used and as the years pasted the weather and the temperature took it’s toll.  Yes, they were rotten, and about to collapse.

However, the Lord sent a very, very NOT NORMAL person to “rescue” them!  Yes, Missionary Darwyn Glover from South Sioux City, Nebraska, whom God sent to help with the construction of our new Creation Theater….his eyes fell on those poor old wrecks of benches and he said, “Gary, I’ll fix them up!”

Wow, I had NO IDEA WHAT “FIX THEM UP MEANT!!”  I have attached the pictures of these benches when Darwyn delivered them to Mission Central on Friday the 25th of May!  His delivery couldn’t have come at a better time, as we have hundreds of people coming this week!  This is real MIRACLE STUFF….this is what we get to see here at Mission Central, when the Lord sends HIS people at “just the right time”.

We just can’t thank Darwyn enough, and his dear wife Pat.  They are truly NOT NORMAL PEOPLE…and here you see what they did!!!