Asia Region

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Charles and Cheryl Ferry Taiwan
Sandra Rhein Taiwan
David and Barbara Bush Macau
JP and Aimee Cima  Cambodia
Martin and Marie Dicke Papua New Guinea
Tom and Debi Going Japan
Andrew and Noel Schaff Taiwan
Joanna Johnson Thailand
Mindy Thews Taiwan
Barbara Rebentisch Taiwan
Roger and Amy James Philippines
Daniel and Joan Jastram Japan
Anton Lutz Papua New Guinea
Julia Lutz Papua New Guinea
Steve and Martha Mahlburg Sri Lanka
Ed and Monica Naumann Sri Lanka
Steve and Maggie Oliver Taiwan
Michael and Irene Paul Taiwan
Richard and Sarah Sovitsky Taiwan
Hannah Shull Taiwan
Carl and Chenhsi Hanson  South Korea
Hans and Gretchen Trinklein South Korea
Matt and DeeDee Wasmund South Korea
Benjamin and Grace Vanderhyde Sri Lanka
Ron and Mary Anne Rall Papua New Guinea


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