Missionaries from Gorham, Illinois arrive at Mission Central

It was one of those days that we will long, long, long remember here at the Lord’s Mission Central!  God has special people that HE sends to this MIRACLE PLACE.

Monday the 28th of October was NO EXCEPTION!  Yes, who but only NOT NORMAL people would drive all the way from Gorham, Illinois to an old set of farm buildings in the middle of “NOWHERE” in the hills of Western, Iowa.  Yes, to drive that far and spend 3 hours visiting with an old 77 year old man with only a high school education?

God SENDS people like this in the form of Willard and Ruth Ann Arbeiter.  What a JOY to spend an afternoon with them to show them what God can do!!!!  NOT US…no what has happened here is only something that God could arrange!

Willard and Ruth Ann are like part of our family here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  They had NOT seen the new Lord’s Creation Theater, as the last time they journeyed out here was 4 years ago!  What a JOY to share the presentation with them and how happy they were to see this gift that God provided to tell HIS story of Creation!

Here you see dear Willard and Ruth Ann in front of our Boss!!!!  The last thing Willard said after praying down in the little wayside prayer chapel was…”I WANTED TO SEE THIS PLACE ONE MORE TIME!” It’s because of people like this that we can go day and night every day at the Lord’s Mission Central!