Mission Central welcomes Rev. John Fale and Rev. Bob Zagore


On July 14th, 2018 at our Annual Volunteer Meeting at Mission Central we were so blessed to welcome two special guests.

First, Rev. John Fale, with his picture taken with our Boss in the background was one of our featured speakers, and what a blessing have him announce that effective this fall he will be joining our Volunteer Staff members here at the Lord’s Mission Central, and will be available to make presentations to AWAKEN PEOPLE to the urgency of Christ, Great Commission.  He will have pictures, stories, and a message that will indeed BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!  We are so happy to share this news with you all, and that if he does well we will indeed TRIPLE his pay!  Pastor Fale just wants to tell people what Jesus is doing in HIS mission.  As you all know he was the Director of International Mission at the Office of International Missions in St. Louis, and is now going to donate his time and effort for Jesus, working closely with all of the other over 100 volunteers that God has called to HIS Mission Central!

Second, our new Director of National Missions for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod with his office in St. Louis came to see what this “Mission Central” was all really about!  What a JOY to welcome the Honorable Missionary Rev. Dr. Bob Zagore, who spoke to our entire group, and did just an outstanding job of presenting.  He is pictured here in our Ministry Center speaking to all of our volunteers.

These two men are truly NOT NORMAL, and we are so happy that they our are friends and supporters of the work that Jesus has called us to do here at HIS MIRACLE NOT NORMAL PLACE!