Mapleton students and adults come to Mission Central













On Wednesday afternoon the 25th of April a group of adults and youth from St. Matthew Lutheran Church came to visit Mission Central.

It was a blessing to have these young missionaries come and they were all “sworn in” to be missionaries the rest of their lives and to tell others about our dear Lord Jesus.

They enjoyed a special race on the lawn here at Mission Central, and then proceeded to the Creation Theater, where they were able to see the story of Creation on a special Video, and then in total darkness were able to see the animals that God made on the 6th day of Creation and how each of these animals were totally and completely different.

Then the group saw some amazing pictures of what was discovered at the top of Mt. Ararat in Turkey, and also saw some fossils of fish that were found at the very top of the Rocky Mountains.  It was stunning evidence that there was indeed a flood and something called the ARK.

The students were given the opportunity to dress up in the clothing of people from AROUND THE WORLD…and it pointed to the fact that we must “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD” and preach the Good News!…  Mark 16:15.

Here you can see the Students and Adults in the Theater, the students dressed, and getting ready for the race.