Many missionaries from Ireton, Iowa


It was ONE OF THOSE VERY SPECIAL DAYS on April 28th, 2019!!  Not only was it the birthday of Missionary Maxine Thies, it was a day when some real MIRACLES took place at St. Paul Lutheran Church at Ireton, Iowa.

Yes, old Missionary Gary had the privilege of speaking to this VERY, VERY NOT NORMAL CONGREGATION.   However, the real miracle of the day was the fact that there were many people that were sworn in as official missionaries for the rest of their lives, to tell people about Jesus our RISEN SAVIOR, who is alive and living with us each day!

A wonderful group of children were sworn in the REST OF THEIR LIVES as real missionaries to tell others about Jesus…at school, at the playground and everywhere they will go for the rest of their lives!  Here you see these special “little missionaries” being sworn in.  However, we got so excited that we swore in the entire congregation and also, take a look at Pastor Boothby who raised his hand to be sworn in also.

It was a wonderful day to be with God’s special people.  What a privilege to share Jesus with so many!