Huge event for Ascension Service – With Dr. Dale Meyer and the Dicke Family

It was a special event that drew people from all over the United States.  It was the Annual Ascension Event at Mission Central.  What was most unusual was the fact that we were blessed with not one, but two special guests.  Dr. Martin Dicke and his dear wife Marie came from half way around the world to provide 2 wonderful songs for the entire crowd of over 200 people, who heard 2 songs in the heart language of the people of Papua New Guinea. In the pictures you will see them presenting.

The Honorable and amazing Not Normal Missionary Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, star of stage, screen, radio, television, President of Concordia Seminary of St. Louis Seminary came to deliver the sermon in the Ascension Service also, and what a message!

The barn was completely filled, and what a blessing to have this special program.  In the attached pictures you will see Dr. Meyer Presenting and also see two of his former students that are visiting with him.

The guests were treated to a wonderful meal for everyone at NO COST!  The meal was donated by the Mapleton and Denison Zone congregations.  You can see the ministry center filled with people being fed before the evenings activities.

The free will offering that went 100% to the support of Dr. Martin and Marie Dicke came to nearly $10,000.00 from the NOT NORMAL people that came to hear and see what the Lord is doing, and understanding what the last words of Jesus were on Ascension Day, “God into ALL the world and preach the Good News to All Creation” Mark 16:15.