How does the Lord get his work done at Mission Central?



That’s a question that many, many people ask us here at the Lord’s Mission Central….”Hey, how can you handle all of the work that comes into the office at Mission Central?” 


It is simple….it’s because our dear Lord Jesus sends us special people to assist in this effort.  Today we had such a HUGE, HUGE number of blessings that came in the mail today!  The Lord has sent us special workers and volunteers.  The four ladies that are pictured from Left to Right:  Judy Seaman from Sioux City, Iowa, Pam Kovarna, our Executive Secretary for 19 years, Cynthia Ernst from Schleswig, Iowa and our new staff member who comes each day, Sonya Sexton, who has truly been an answer to prayer.  These four ladies are truly NOT NORMAL, and such a blessing for the Lord’s work here.


However, we couldn’t function without the Lord sending special helpers in our LCMS offices in St. Louis.  Yes, We were so blessed to have the Honorable Missionaries Dr. Mark Hofman and Dr. Amy Scholz come and encourage us here, and to have their special picture taken in front of the picture of our Boss in the offices here. 


We thank God for these “NOT NORMAL” people that God has called to help with HIS work each day.  We couldn’t get along without them and God sends “just the right people at the right place at just the right time”.