Holtzen family comes to Mission Central


What a JOY and blessing to welcome the Marvin Holtzen Family all the way from Nebraska.   Yes, Marv Holtzen and his family came from Geneva and Davenport, Nebraska to visit Mission Central on July 19th, 2018, and what a JOY to welcome the family here.  Yes, Mar’s daughter, Joni, and her family came and the family had their picture taken here at the Lord’s Mission Central!!!  Marv’s wife Elsie was such a special friend, and Old Missionary Gary wrote to her every month!  Elsie is with the Lord Jesus waiting for the rest of us, and we are still here, so that means that we still have some work to do, before we get to see dear Elsie again…THIS NEBRASKA FAMILY IS TRULY “NOT NORMAL”….

Here you see the family that came together to spend the day here for a day tour at the Lord’s Mission Central.  It was such a blessing to have them come and spend this time at this NOT NORMAL PLACE, that only God could have provided.

I know that Missionary Kyle Karcher will forward this story and picture to Joni and her entire family…..