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November 2019

Serving the Lord
in the Czech Republic

News from Peter and Lucy Hoffmann

The "Creature"


Missions through Art

If you are interested in discovering how this unusual work of art relates to how we are spreading the Gospel message in Olomouc through art, click on the red button below.  Our God is a god of beauty, truth, goodness and reality.

The "Creature" is a 12-meter high iron sculpture by Honza.  The anthropomorphic shape on the border of an abstract expression is full of sharp strokes and cutting angles.  It has its visual background in a contemportary sci-fi world as well as in a tattoo subculture or it is a reflection of late sculptural modernism.  If we have totally lost you with this art, you may consider that it could represent the loss of the Gospel in Olomouc during the oppressive regimes of Nazism and Communism.  


We are most thankful for all of you who faithfully sacrifice in love for others in obedience to God ‘s command to bring the Gospel to the whole world. May your love gifts and prayers increase the Kingdom of God and help others to be free from the bondage of sin.

At this time of year we would especially like to quote from a hymn, "God of Our Fathers", by Daniel Roberts and George Warren.  The second verse goes as follows:  "Your love devine has led us in the past; In this free land by you our lot is cast; Oh, be our ruler, guardian, guide, and stay; Your Word our law, your paths our chosen way."

Please Pray for:

* Empowerment for all to abundantly share the Good News of Jesus Christ 
* Willingness of the Lutheran churches in the Czech Republic to sponsor a Christian World View Conference
* A place to worship, fellowship and teach the Gospel
* More pastors to fill empty churches, including a bi-lingual pastor to preach and help teach and disciple in Olomouc
* Missionary, Ben Helge, and his work in Silesia
* Our leaders to have wisdom and justice, according to Your moral laws and a hunger for God’s Word
* An end to war and promotion of domestic and international peace

Give thanks for:

* Additional relationships through our Senior Club
* Wisdom, strength and health
* A successful Painting Fest
* Pastor Kastor, who provides communion once a month
* All the Lutheran Churches that are supporting us in our mission
* Progress in learning the Czech language



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