Historic meeting with Orphan Grain Train leaders


October 16th, 2018 was a very, very, very special day in the history of Mission Central and Orphan Grain Train.  These two organizations are working together on a totally new project called “The Hannah House” in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This special project is so badly needed to help young girls that are released from the orphanages in Russia and are 18 years old and don’t have training for an occupational skill.  These ladies need job training for supporting themselves, and also MOST IMPORTANT, they need the Lord Jesus in their lives.  With this project the Orphan Grain Train and Mission Central can work together to provide BOTH OF THESE MOST NEEDED factors in the lives of these young ladies.

Yes, housing and training can be provided with the help of Orphan Grain Train and the Russian Lutheran Church and with the help of our LCMS missionary Sarah Harms, who can provide the “spiritual aspect” to this special project….a great blessing can be provided.

A Historic Meeting was help at Mission Central on October 16th, with representatives of the Russian Church, Sarah Harms, and Officials and Staff of the Orphan Grain Train was held.  Many questions were answered and plans to move forward were completed.  The Lord truly planned this meeting for all the principals to be in attendance at HIS Mission Central.

Here you see the entire Staff Leadership Staff of the Orphan Grain Train in front of our Boss here, and we were so blessed to have the Supreme Allied Commander of the Orphan Grain Train, the Rev. Dr. Ray Wilke in attendance with the Staff.  Also, Sarah Harms is featured in a picture with the Officials, Dr. Paul Leckband, Executive Director, Dr. Grant Schmidt, and the Honorable Executive Rev. Joel Heisterman.

It was a day we will not soon forget.