Herb and Markie Burch come to Mission Central


It truly was one of those days that you could tell the Holy Spirit had sent some of HIS special people here on November 10th, 2018.  Yes, Pastor Herb and Markie Burch, Veteran Missionaries who came from Belize, where they have helped to start the FIRST Lutheran Church in that country…..they came and stayed two days here at the world famous Mission Central!!!

On November the 10th….these folks came to report on the work that God has called them to carry out for HIM in the country of Belize….They are helping to start the first Lutheran Church in this country….

What a JOY to see their pictures and hear how the Lord is using them to share the message of Jesus with people in TOTAL darkness!!!  What a blessing to have such a huge crowd of the Lord’s people come from all over Iowa and Nebraska….yes, people from all over the state of Iowa and Nebraska… hear how the Lord is using these special people to share the message of our Savior Jesus, to people who are in darkness.

Approximately 150 people came on this special day…people who are NOT NORMAL!!!  Here you see the Burch Family presenting to a packed house, and also a picture of Herb and Markie in front of our Boss here at HIS Mission Central,….and also a picture of the pastors and laypeople sending and praying for the Burch Family.  We also had Rev. St. Onge and his family from Canada and Shara Osiro and her husband Michael from Kenya here also being sent that day.  It was indeed a day we will never, never forget.