May 3, 2020
Issue 695




He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!
Easter is the continuous celebration that our Good Shepherd, Jesus, lives! His victory over sin, death and the devil is the truly gracious act that turns us back to Him and to His flock. During this Easter season here at International Lutheran Church we are exploring Our Living Hope as we read through the admonition of the Apostle Peter in his first letter to the churches in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). Today, Peter, that pillar and “rock” of the church, reminds us again who is our Good Shepherd and just what He suffered to bring us back to Himself.





A link will be sent out on Sunday morning to connect you to the Sunday online worship service.

Prior to Sunday worship, an opportunity to get together virtually to study God’s Word is our Sunday Morning Bible Class. A word from Pastor Carl: The season of Easter is a unique time when the church reads from the Acts of the Apostles, or what is sometimes simply called the New Testament book of Acts. As we read these first sermons and actions of the Apostles and see the response – both the many who came to faith in Jesus but also the rejection and even persecution that arose, the Holy Spirit is the one who is on the move calling women and men to faith in their Savior. The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, a crucified Redeemer, is the central message of the church then and now.

Here is a link to that online meeting room, led by Pastor Carl.




On Wednesday nights, Pastor Carl is leading a study of 1 Peter, focusing on questions such as ‘How are Christians supposed to live in the world today? The resurrection happened, but what does it mean for me? What kind of God do we have and why should we have faith in Him?’ 

Here is the link to the online meeting room for Wednesday Night Bible Class.













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