Group from St. John in Newhall, Iowa comes to Mission Central


It was “ONE OF THOSE SPECIAL DAYS” at the world famous Lord’s Mission Central.  God truly CALLS special people to come to this MIRACLE PLACE!  On August 4th, 2018, it was one of those days that we will never, never, never forget.

About 20 years ago, Rev. Steve Rempfer, a truly NOT NORMAL pastor allowed an unschooled, uneducated layman to come and speak at St. John Lutheran Church in Newhall, Iowa.  To give a report on the mission work of our dear Lord Jesus!  It was the beginning of a friendship that will last for all eternity with this special NOT NORMAL congregation!  What an outpouring of love and friendship came from that first meeting!  At that point we at the Lord’s Mission Central knew for certain that this entire congregation was NOT NORMAL!  They were special people!

On August 4th, 2018, the Lord brought a wonderful group of the members of St. John of Newhall, Iowa to Mission Central to hear an in person report from their Missionary, the Honorable Rev. Arthur Rickman, who is going to a new assignment in Panama!  It was truly one of those special days.  This group was led by one of the MOST NOT NORMAL PEOPLE, the Honorable Missionary Dr. Holly Bierschenk, Executive Director of Mission Activity at St. John Lutheran Church of Newhall, Iowa.

What a JOY to have them come for this Mission Day Trip, which included the Lord’s Creation Theater, the Barn Museum, and the meal and the report from “their missionary”, Rev. Rickman.

Here you see this special group of people by the Mission Central sign, and it was a day, we will never, never, never forget!!!!