Group from Holy Cross Lutheran at Collinsville, Illinois comes to Mission Central


The days from May 29th, 2019 to May 31st, 2019 were filled with much JOY and presentation.  Yes, what an absolute JOY to welcome the world famous Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer and the members of his congregation, that he attends at Collinsville, Illinois, which is the congregation that he served for many years there at Holy Cross.

Yes, in their group they had 9 truly NOT NORMAL people, who were willing to drive over 8 hours to get to this place in the middle of nowhere!  We arranged for the housing for them, and during our time together we had the privilege of presenting WHAT IN THE WORLD GOES ON AT THIS MIRACLE PLACE CALLED MISSION CENTRAL.  What a blessing to provide tours, presentations and giving some insight on what God can do with an old set of farm buildings in the hills of Western Iowa.

Here in the Ministry Center you can see the group gathered in front of our Mission Central banner!  You will notice that these folks really, really “get it” and their dear pastor, Rev. Kyle Wright, got so excited that he wore his bib overalls….WHAT A WONDERFUL GROUP.  It was a time we will all long, long, long remember!