It was truly one of those REAL MIRACLE DAYS!  Yes, each day this week was filled here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Every single day, but, Wednesday the 7th of August.  It was a day that old Missionary Gary had an open spot in the schedule!
Now, if the Lord knows the number of hairs on our head and when a little sparrow falls to the ground….HE IS TOTALLY IN CHARGE OF SCHEDULES ALSO.  The Curt and Rhonda Griess Family have been long, long time friends from Lincoln, Nebraska….they are truly NOT NORMAL.  No normal person would just get in the car and drive to Mission Central from Lincoln, Nebraska and not have an appointment and simply say, “If we are supposed to visit with old Missionary Gary, he will be there!”  Normal people don’t do that!  Their timing was just perfect and what a JOY to welcome Curt, Rhonda and their dear daughter Valerie!  
They enjoyed the tour of the Lord’s Creation Theater and the barn museum, and also the offices and their tour finished with a special prayer in the little wayside prayer chapel.  It was truly a special MIRACLE DAY!  Some wonderful memories were made!  Here you see this NOT NORMAL family in front of our Boss here in our office.