It was one of those “real miracle days”.  It was a very, very heavy schedule day with work and appointments on Saturday morning the 18th of September.  There was so much to do and also work had to be done at the end of the day.

Old Missionary Gary, was supposed to be there…it was all planned out, when two very, very NOT NORMAL people arrived “just out of the blue” coming all the way from Hickman, Nebraska.  Yes, Missionaries Brian and Karen Helmberger were supposed to come and what a JOY to welcome them to the world-famous Mission Central.  The timing was just perfect!

It wasn’t a full tour, but they enjoyed their “mini-tour of the facilities here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  What a great time for good Christian conversation and prayer.  We won’t ever forget our time together on this special MIRACLE DAY!  Here you see these missionaries at our “trademark” location with our Boss in the background!!!