God uses little children to keep missionaries on the field


What blessing to welcome Paul and Linda Meyer from West Point, Nebraska and their son Dan and his wife Amanda Meyer from Grand Island, Nebraska on the 7th of July.  These NOT NORMAL people have set the vision of the Lord’s Mission in the hearts of their family members.

Grandpa and Grandma Paul and Linda, handed the vision for the Lord’s Mission to their son Dan and daughter Jennifer and their families….they “set an example”…of what is really important in this life….and now the grandchildren are carrying on that love for the Lord’s Mission!

On July 7th the entire family came, and the grandchildren Hannah, Abigail and Nathan from Grand Island came along with their cousin Gabriella from Omaha.  These four young missionaries worked hard in raising the support for “their” missionary family the Wasmund Family from Korea.  They came to see this family and bring the results of their “lemonade stand” and other “fund raising events” that these young children did to help keep the Wasmund Family in Asia telling more and more people in darkness about our dear Savior Jesus, so that there will be more people in our real home.

These four young children, all pictured by old Missionary Gary’s Desk at Mission Central, came and brought their offerings for the Lord Jesus and HIS mission with the Wasmund Family…and here you see these special missionaries with the currency and coins that totaled a WHOPPING $105.45, with their BOSS in the background,  for the support of the Wasmund Famiy to keep them in Korea telling people about Jesus!

Their gift was one of LARGEST GIFT we have ever received in the last 25 years!  We thank the Lord for calling these young people to come and help to pray for and support the Lord’s Missionaries!