God can even provide shoes at “just the right time”

Here at Mission Central, we truly believe that God provides at “just the right time”…and that’s in ALL aspects of life.
Recently Old Missionary Gary traveled to Owatonna, Minnesota to speak at the church there, and upon looking at his shoes he noticed that they were getting worn from all the travels over the years.
The Lord tells us in Isaiah 65:24 “Before they call I will answer!”  When speaking at Owatonna, Minnesota I noticed my dear, dear friends Larry and Mary Olson from Faribault, Minnesota had driven over and were present at the service.  Then after the service my dear “shoe man” Dr. Larry Olson had a box and in the box was a new pair of dress shoes…AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME.
What a blessing to have these new shoes, and here in the photo you see this man sent from the Good Lord at “just the right time”….placing these new shoes on this old Missionary!!!  MORE MIRACLES AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME!