Late in the afternoon on September 17th, 2019, the HUGE caterpillar arrived to create an entirely new  drainage system for our parking area here at the World Famous Mission Central.  Dr. James A. Thies, who happened to be the nephew of Old Missionary Gary W. Thies, came and ran the huge dirt mover to create an entirely new swale to deliver the rain and drainage on the parking area at Mission Central.  Missionary Mark Goslar delivered the huge Caterpiller, and Jim was able to do the work.
Here you see Jim working to create this new parking area and drainage area for Mission Central.  He did such an excellent job, and now we are ready for the Honorable Dr. Roger Carlisle from Wall Lake, Iowa to come and seed, clear, and smooth out the entire area with his personal equipment.  I don’t know what we would do without special people like Jim Thies and Rev. Dr. Roger Carlisle, and STAY TUNED for more updates on this new project.
Much dirt had to be moved, and what a blessing for the Lord to send these dear friends at JUS THE RIGHT TIME to help with this MAJOR project!