Special workers from St. Louis arrive at Mission Central



May 22nd and 23rd, 2019 were special days, because the Lord sent us two wonderful helpers from the International Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Dr. Chandra Thurman and Dr. Pam Hassler, are part of our Mission Central team and they came to help us install our new check scanning equipment, so that our missionaries could have their support gifts deposited directly into their restricted support accounts at the bank on the very day that these gifts arrive.


Dr. Hassler and Dr. Thurman are pictured as the first two from the right of the picture that was taken with our Boss in the background at our offices here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Then from right to left the remaining three staff members are Pam Kovarna, Sonya Sexton and Rev. Dr. Brent Smith.  


The days were busy, and we all learned so much, and the Lord sent us just the right people at just the right time to help us.   Old Missionary Gary is NOT in the picture, because someone had to take the picture, and also, he was in his bib overalls!