Alliance Missionary Sergio Fritzler – Dominican Republic

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Church planting pastor for the mission in Licey, D.R.
Church planting professor and Provost for Concordia
Reformer Seminary in the Dominican Republic

The Lord has blessed the young, growing Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission
(DRLM) with three congregations in the Santiago area, the country’s second
largest city. As we seek to raise up national pastors to serve these mission plants,
missionary pastors are needed to preach the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and
administer his life-giving Sacraments to an ever-expanding circle of people.
The Lord has blessed the DRLM by providing not only missionary pastors from
the LCMS, but also native Spanish-speaking pastors from our sister churches
throughout Latin America.Pastor Sergio Fritzler comes to the Dominican Republic
from Argentina with 18 years of experience as a church planting pastor, professor
and seminary director. He currently serves in the DRLM as Pastor of our church
plant in Licey, Santiago, Dominican Republic and as a Professor and Provost of
Concordia Reformer Seminary. The Licey congregation recently dedicated its new
facility which includes a sanctuary and Lutheran pre-school of over 70 students.
Pastor Fritzler’s work there includes weekly preaching and Bible studies as well as
an emphasis on evangelistic visitation.
As Professor of Theology at Concordia Reformer Seminary, Pastor Fritzler teaches
classes on Pastoral Theology, Liturgy, Homiletics and Evangelism. As Provost he
oversees the educational affairs and activities of the institution for residential
pastoral formation. In partnership with our sister seminary, Concordia
Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Pastor Fritzler oversees our SMP on-line
pastoral formation program which serves more than 20 students throughout Latin
Pastor Fritzler lives in Santiago with his wife, Lillian, and their two teenage sons,
Enzo and Martín.
As an alliance missionary, Rev. Fritzler’s ministry is sustained through direct
project funds rather than the North American Network Supported Missionary
Model. Support is needed to continue to provide for the Fritzler missionary family
as they serve alongside OIM missionaries in the Dominican Republic.