Fritsche (Dominican Republic) Update – November 2022

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Check out what the Fritsches have been up to…

Thanksgiving greetings from missionaries
Rev. Joel & Deaconess Clarion Fritsche and family in the Dominican Republic!

November 2022 Newsletter.

You are receiving this because you either signed up or have supported us through LCMS or Mission Central.  Either way, thank you for following our journey.  We are incredibly grateful for your support! Through your support, the Lord is blessing His good work in the Dominican Republic and beyond!

Here are some of the highlights from the field…

  • Click here to view our new LCMS Latin America & Caribbean Region Overview Video
  • A new Lutheran Pastor in Peru
  • Four new deaconess students in the DR
  • Fourth-year seminarian evangelistic projects
  • Vicar Hector Paneque prepares to take the Gospel back to Cuba
  • Viktor Fritsche graduates from US Army basic training

Thank you for being our partners in mission. The Lord be with you!

Rev. Joel & Deaconess Clarion Fritsche
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Joel’s phone: +1-809-519-6581
Clarion’s phone: +1-809-519-1891

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