Final touches on Creation Theater completed









































What a blessing and JOY to have the blessed volunteer helpers here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Of all of our 98 Staff Volunteers, one of the MOST NOT NORMAL volunteers is the Honorable Missionary Dr. Darwyn Glover and his dear wife Pat.

On Thursday the 15th of March, Dr. Glover came with his work truck filled with materials that were required to put the final and finishing touches on our new Creation Theater here at Mission Central.  Darwyn came and spent the entire day and completed at 8:30PM in the evening!!He was able to fully paint both side walls, cover up some dents and scratches, install edging materials on the stadium seating, paint the exit door to the second level, and complete the final edging on the carpet.

As Dr. Glover says, “Gary, everything has to be just perfect”…and when he was done it surely was JUST PERFECT!  This man is truly NOT NORMAL and donated the materials, paint, and so many, many hours of labor.

Thousands of people will see the work that this man has done, and what a blessing this special NOT NORMAL man has been to our efforts here at Mission Central.  There is no question that God calls the “right people at just the right time” to get HIS work done.  Here you see Dr. Glover in action.