ESA Annual Missionary Continuing Education

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Project Supervisor: Rev. Shauen Trump – Area Director for Eastern and Southern Africa Project
Emphasis: Life Together
Project Type: Nurture pastors, missionaries, and professional workers to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being; Strengthen and support the Lutheran family in living out God’s design
Project Description: LCMS Missionaries in Eastern and Southern Africa are warriors who engage in spiritual battle daily. While it is Christ Himself who fights the battle, this field strives to reduce and mitigate where at all possible those doubts, struggles, temptations, and fears that can be so easily used by the father of Lies. Equipping our missionaries with awareness of false teachings, traditional religions, and Christian heresies arms them when challenged by these in their daily encounters to share the Gospel. Other provisions of this missionary care provides for missionaries to be together at least twice per year for worship,