Deaconess Formation

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Ten courses per year in 5 countries
Teaches Mercy Theology
Trains women to lead the mercy efforts of their congregations

We are blessed with many women throughout our Lutheran
Latin American church who are eager to be hands and feet of
mercy for the marginalized. It is a privilege to bring to these
faithful women rich, in depth studies which prepare them to
tell others of Jesus and also be the hands and feet of Him in
bringing mercy to those who struggle, are marginalized and
rejoice at even a glass of water given in His Name.
Our diaconal focus aims to prepare women to head mercy
efforts vocationally in the congregation and also be in front
of our christian institutions whether they be schools,
orphanages. The program itself consists of offering three
years of courses offered intensively to Lutheran women in
Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and the Dominican
Your support of deaconess formation has a wide reaching
effect, as Christ’s love is carried out from the congregations
of Latin America into some of the worlds most difficult