On August 20th, 2019 a special group of youth and adults came to Mission Central for a special program!  Yes, Missionary Dr. Craig Bogatzke organized this special trip so that these young missionaries could see and hear about our Heavenly Father and what HE has done for each one of these special students.


Some of the students had NEVER head of the story of how God created all things in the 6 days of HIS creating….and NEVER heard the story of Noah and the flood.  They heard the story for the first time, and enjoyed the animals in the Creation Theater.


Then we went to the Barn Museum and saw the picture of Jesus ascending into heaven with His last words, “Go into ALL the world and preach the Good News to all creation!” Mark 16:15.  Then each of the youth had the opportunity to dress up like the people we are to witness to around the world!   Then they took their trip around the world and saw many strange and unusual items from remote parts of the world.


These young people had never seen anything like this before and were so excited about this NOT NORMAL visit.  It is our hope that they will never, never forget their trip to this MIRACLE PLACE.  Here you see the group in the Theater and the Barn.