Couple from Tecumseh visits Mission Central on motorcycle

It was about 24 years ago that Old Missionary Gary had the privilege and honor of meeting Missionaries Fred and Petey Pooch from Tecumseh, Nebraska!  He knew then as he knows now, that this family was truly NOT NORMAL!  Fred and Petey had a full, full understanding that we must send missionaries to the lands of darkness, where they didn’t know our Savior Jesus.

Fred was instrumental in working with the first outreach to Jamaica, and traveled to this area where we were working with our LCMS missionaries.

On August 9th, 2018 this couple “just stopped by” Mission Central, and it was truly an example of God’s DIVINE INTERVENTION!  Old Missionary was in his office, and the day before or the day after this couldn’t have happened.  We were supposed to be together!

Fred and Petey were on their big black motorcycle and traveling with no schedule, and what a blessing to show these special people what the Lord has done at this MIRACLE PLACE!  We will never forget this special day! Here you see this missionary couple in front of our Boss in the office!